Family Forum

On Sundays during the school year, at the 9 a.m. education hour, All Saints provides a forum in Memorial Hall for those who want to help strengthen the families of our community. This forum is not limited to parents of young kids – it is for our church family. All are invited!

Our Family Pastor, Gary Wieder, along with some very talented and special committee members (Sarah Boone, Dr. Gerard and Roberta Martin, Neil Dunlop, Kevin Wrege and Wendy Lunde) work hard to create an environment to connect people around topics regarding raising children, marriages, and living out ones faith in the “real world” based on Biblical truths.

FALL 2019 – Grace, Radical Grace!

Have you ever received a FREE gift? Something you didn’t expect or maybe something you didn’t deserve? That can be the gift of GRACE. 

God’s grace comes to us in His freedom to love us JUST the way we are. 

God does not love us if we change, He loves us so we can change. In His unconditional love for us we are given a model for loving one another. 

Hear personal stories around grace, scripture teachings, and facilitation from Breathing Under Water – Spirituality and the Twelve Steps, by Richard Rohr. 



  8 – Joint Adult Forum with Richard & Catherine Ranger
15 – Kick off for the year of “Radical Grace”
22 – Radical Grace (cont.)
29 – Introduction to Breathing Underwater


  6 – Powerlessness (No one likes to die to who they think they are)
13 – The Common Rule – helping people live lives of love for God & neighbor
20 – The Common Rule (part 2)
27 – “Facing Life’s Curveballs” – an interview with a parish couple


  3 – A Power Greater than ourselves – the surrender of faith
10 – Turning our will and our lives over to the care of God (learning to accept what is)
17 – Faith, Innovation, and Creativity – Interview with Richard and Phoebe Miles
24 – A searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves – the truth will set you free


  1 – Thanksgiving weekend – Open Forum/Round-table Discussion
  8 – Admitting our wrongs – opportunity for transformation and enlightenment
15 – “What I Wish I Knew Then!” – an interview with a parish couple
22 – Weekend before Christmas – Open Forum/Round-table Discussion