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Altar Guild

Older children are welcome to serve with their parents.

Altar Guild members find this loving service a meaningful way to be closer to the Lord and wonderful way to Share Christ’s Love with their fellow church members. The Altar Guild serves through the preparation of the Altar for Holy Eucharist each Sunday and for special services during Holy Week, Easter and Christmas. The Guild also assists with weddings and funerals. The Guild presents an opportunity to learn more about our liturgy and our church calendar, and is also a great way to meet and develop friendships.

HOW IT WORKS: Altar Guild members work in teams to prepare the vessels for Communion and Baptisms, change the Altar, pulpit and lectern hangings as well as care for the altar/communion linens. The process of preparation usually takes only a few minutes to complete before, and briefly after each service. Parents are also welcome to get involved with their children. This family commitment can provide a means of helping to raise children up in our faith through the gracious act of participation, as learn more about our liturgy, and the church calendar.

TIME COMMITMENT: Altar Guild members are assigned to one of three Altar Guild teams which serve for 1 month, 4 times a year. In addition to weekly services, Altar Guild teams may be responsible for services on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Thanksgiving Day. A core group of volunteers serve at weddings and funerals. While the Altar Guild is considered a commitment, there is flexibility allowed for vacations and other travel plans.

TRAINING: No prior knowledge is required and experienced Altar Guild members will teach and support you during your tenure with the Guild.

CONTACT: If you are interested in becoming part of this important work, please email or call Catherine Eshelman at cathesh@nullcomcast.net or call her at 301-718-9404.

Flower Guild

Older children are welcome to serve with their parents.

Guided by the motto “Flowers to the Glory of God” the Guild uses the natural beauty of God’s gift of flowers to bring joy to all who witness them. Week after week the church is graced with glorious bouquets appropriate to both the natural and liturgical seasons. Arrangements are used at the High Altar and two chapels adjacent to the main sanctuary, and can also been seen at the Nave entrance, in the bride’s room, hallways, meeting rooms and various other locations around All Saints Episcopal Church. The Flower Guild also works with a special group of holiday helpers, sharing the work and joy of beautifying the church for Christmas and Easter. In addition, the Flower Guild works closely with the Altar guild to maintain and enhance our worship space.

HOW IT WORKS: The Flower Guild currently consists of 3 teams of 5-7 members each who rotate 2-week assignments throughout the year. As is the case with other volunteer activities at All Saints the Flower Guild is considered a regular commitment, but flexibility is allowed for vacations and emergencies. The responsible team generally meets Fridays or Saturday mornings.

TRAINING: You don’t have to be experienced. The friendly and welcoming team will show you what you need to know as well as encourage creative expression. Families are also welcome to participate. It might be a great way to spend quality time with your older child or spouse.

CONTACT: If you are interested in learning more or joining this joyous endeavor call Karen Christian in the church office at 301-654-2488.

Readers and Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) assist the Clergy in services of Holy Communion on Sundays, mid-week evening services, and holy days. On Sundays, LEMs administer the Chalice, read the Lessons and Prayers of the People, and perform acolyte duties at the early service.


Older children are welcome to serve with their parents.

“Greeting” is an important opportunity for service at All Saints Episcopal Church. Greeters are often the first introduction visitors have as they are welcomed through the doors and into our beautiful Nave for services. A warm and loving greeting can make both parishioners and visitors feel comfortable with the environment as they seek to know God. “Greeting” exemplifies our church’s mission to Share Christ’s Love in community with our church body and with those who visit for worship and reflection.

HOW IT WORKS: Greeters stand outside the doors to the Nave and greet people as they arrive for the service. Greeters serve in teams of two or a family can “greet” together. Once the service begins Greeters can join the service or attend to their personal business.

TIME COMMITMENT: Greeters are asked for a commitment to the rotating schedule which is organized on a quarterly basis. The schedule may also include special holiday services including those not typically held on Sundays. Of course, the schedule is created with sensitivity to participant time constraints, service preferences, and vacations.

TRAINING: No training required

CONTACT: If you would like to be one of the friendly faces of All Saints Church call David Reeve at 301-654-2488 with your interest.


Older children are welcome to serve with their parents.

Ushers are also integral to services at All Saints Episcopal Church. Ushers facilitate the experience of worshipers by ensuring that each service runs smoothly, and by helping those who might need additional attention. As visual representatives of the congregation, ushers also help to set the tone of the service with their attire and comportment.

HOW IT WORKS: Ushers are asked to make a commitment to the entire service but are free to participate and worship in the service when not specifically performing their duties. Ushers hand out programs, assist with any requirements for enhanced hearing devices, and pay special attention to the needs of the elderly or those with handicaps. Ushers have the important responsibility of taking up the collection, and organizing easy congregate participation during communion. They also briefly help to tidy up after the service is over.

TIME COMMITMENT: Ushers serve in rotating teams at the regular service time of their choice. The typical rotation is once every four to six weeks. Schedules are created on a quarterly basis and may include special holiday services. As with Greeters, Ushers are asked to make a commitment, yet at the same time individual needs, including vacation plans, are taken into consideration. Children are welcome to serve with their parents.

TRAINING: Provided on the spot.

CONTACT: If you are interested in this crucial activity, please call David Reeve at 301-654-2488.


Serving at God’s altar as an acolyte can be a wonderful way for young people to participate in services at All Saints. This ministry is an ideal way for boys and girls to live into their baptismal covenant by assisting with the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist and in other worship services. Acolyting also provides an opportunity for fellowship with other students, and it provides them with a chance to serve in a ministry with rich traditions. Acolytes are able to participate in all student ministries including choir, Sunday school, and other teen programs.  Children in 4th grade and older are invited join the acolyte ministry. Unlike some churches which limit young people’s participation to certain services or times of the year, All Saints’ Church has acolytes serving throughout the year at regular services and at special liturgies. For more information or to set up a time for training, please contact either David Reeve, Verger, or Alex Huntress-Reeve, Verger.