All Saints Kingdom Campaign

We're Building a Kingdom Church!

All Saints Church draws from a rich history through which people’s Christian beliefs, their exuberant spiritual passion, and God’s will have brought success building up His Kingdom. Now, this vibrant church family has an opportunity to take another step into the future and to serve more of God’s people. We have an opportunity to expand our Gospel ministries, grow our church family, and better serve our community in Jesus’ name. We also have an opportunity to bring our whole church together in the Holy Spirit, to maintain our campus as good stewards, and to prepare and build for our future. Most importantly, we have an opportunity to grow our faith, and to fulfill our calling from God. God has blessed our church greatly because of the commitment we have made to serve the community and to make disciples. This opportunity is a chance to test our own faith and learn to trust more fully in God’s grace. We are poised to become a Kingdom Church and the Vestry, Clergy, and Church Leadership believe it is time to move forward in faith and confidence in the Lord.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our campaign chairs.