All Saints Kingdom Campaign

Join us as we build a Kingdom Church

On Sunday, March 4, 2018, All Saints announced the launch of a Kingdom Campaign, a special fundraising initiative over four years (ending December 2021) that will ensure the parish’s secure financial future for the next generation. We have made substantial progress and seek to raise $1 million more in pledges this Spring, and complete the active fundraising portion of the Campaign.

It is an exciting time to be at All Saints Church. The Lord has blessed our church greatly and we desire to serve Him and our community with faithfulness and passion. God has brought us to this special point in time to be able to test our own faith and learn to trust more fully in His grace to:

  • expand our Gospel ministries, grow our church family, and better serve our own community in Jesus' name;
  • bring our whole church together in the Holy Spirit;
  • maintain our campus as good stewards, and prepare and build for our future; and
  • grow our own faith and fulfill our calling.
Please see our latest e-blasts and newsletters for details of what we have accomplished through the Kingdom Campaign.

Contribute towards your Kingdom Campaign pledge here.