2020 Annual Giving

Thank you for your generosity

Giving thanks to God through stewardship enables All Saints to further its mission of Sharing Christ's Love. 

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Why Pledge to the Annual Campaign?

Expressing thanks for the gifts that God has provide by contributing to the financial needs of the church is an essential part of faith. When you make a pledge, you are investing in the spiritual health and mission of the parish. Every fall we ask you to bring forth your pledges as a symbol of faithfulness to Christ and your commitment to All Saints. Our goal this year is for every member of our congregation to prayerfully consider supporting All Saints through a financial gift.

How Much to Give?

Gifts and giving are personal decision, and every gift is a sign of generosity. The Annual Giving Campaign funds are used to support our annual operating budget, including ministry, church maintenance, utility payments, salaries, and other general expenses. In Deuteronomy 14:22-29 we are told that one-tenth of all that comes into your possession, belongs to God. In determining your gift, consider how far your pledge can go.

Make Your Pledge

You can make your 2020 pledge by clicking the “Pledge Online” button below. Please consider setting up your donation as a recurring gift. It is a great way to tithe the same way you pay for Netflix, your New York Times crosswords or other subscription services. It is easy to set up and you can spread your support over time. Recurring giving helps the church to manage payment of expenses over the entire year.

All Saints Church is now working with Thithe.ly to process online donations. It’s super simple and easy to set up.

Commitment Sunday is November 24th when we will present our pledges at the altar for God’s blessing in the upcoming year.

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A Note From Father Ed.

Dear Parish Family,

Something more this time – a message about the personal path to giving that Patty and I have taken as a couple, rather than the vantage of a Rector alone. The prayerful hope is that you might see a bit of yourself as I candidly share our inspiration to give to God in gratitude for all He has done for us. We also give because the Gospel is urgent, and God’s people are desperately in need of His love, forgiveness, and eternal life. Our hope is that you too will find the joy...

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