Passing on Thanksgiving Plenty

Date: November 23, 2021

Lord, You have showered us with blessings
so abundant that we are humbled before
Your loving care, which spreads so far
and so sublimely beyond anything we know
of human generosity. Have You not shown
what it really means to be a generous giver?
Please help us to pass on the plenty.
Gracing our table is a cornucopia of
nourishing foods: turkey, potatoes, apples,
bananas, bread, grapes, carrots, corn…
and so much more. Our larders are full.
Can we not share from all this bounty?
Incline our hearts to give, not to hoard.
Please help us to pass on the plenty.
Filled to overstock are our closets:
coats rub against jackets and sweaters,
while hats and gloves and scarves and boots
tumble over each other in antic array.
Surely we have no need for each and
every piece of clothing stuffed in that closet.
Can we really pull more than one pair of boots
on our feet or pull more than one pair
of gloves on our fingers at a time?
We earnestly desire to be givers, not keepers.
Please help us to pass on the plenty.
But… is there not an invisible plenty
we are also called to share, the deep well
of love in our hearts? Is it not continually
filled and replenished by Your love for us?
Drawing from that well, do we shower
our spouses and children with words
of loving affirmation? Do our words
of gratitude bless sales people, neighbors,
bus drivers? Do our smiling faces radiate joy?
Please, Lord, help us always to pass on
our love in plenty, and thereby know the gift
of sharing what You have given us so generously.
Please help us to pass on the plenty.

Copyright © by Peggy Eastman, 2021

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