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The mission of the Visiting Ministry committee is to reach out to fellow parishioners as Jesus Christ’s disciples to ensure that each person among us is known, loved, and cared for. This is especially true of those who, temporarily or for long periods, cannot get out to enjoy the church community.


“I was sick and you visited me . . .” (see Matthew 25:36)

Visiting Ministers take seriously their Christian profession of faith in the “Communion of Saints.” Through prayers, visits, telephone calls, and small, everyday acts of kindness, they maintain vital connection with parishioners and others who are confined to homes, hospitals, and assisted-living facilities. Small acts of kindness mean a lot to those who are not able to attend church.  Visiting Ministers talk with the confined, sit with them, often take them flowers or reading material, and often read the Bible and devotionals to them.  Also, if Visiting Ministers have taken the required training, they may take Eucharist to confined parishioners.

These ministers do not just deliver a consoling service, but maintain a real relationship with these brothers and sisters in order to provide tangible evidence that they are loved and to offer opportunities for them to continue to play an important role in parish life.

The visits of these ministers are a step toward re-establishing connections with the wider parish, especially across generational lines, to form a network of caring and attentiveness. They are the eyes and ears of our parish family, identifying needs and helping those needs get met.


  • Join the Visiting Ministers and take friendship and care to someone who cannot attend church
  • The Visiting Ministers Committee meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m.

If you notice that a familiar face has not been in church for a while, either reach out to them if you know them or contact Linda Hall through the church office. If you know of someone who is sick or infirmed, please let the church office know at 301-654-2488. The Visitation Ministry Committee will be notified and will make visits to the individual.


Elizabeth Stuckle, Health and Wellness Minister – or call her at 240-401-6686.