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Adult Formation Resources

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Salt in the Bible

the January 30 Joint Forum is already on the YouTube page, and hopefully we can get videos from the 6-week follow up course that begins March 6.  Mac can find out from Phoebe whether she has PDFs of notes or summaries of the classes that she wants to share there.

Watch this VIDEO presented by Phoebe Miles on the Importance of Salt in the Bible and the practical implications of Jesus calling us the Salt of the Earth:

Weekday Wisdom from C.S Lewis

title “Weekday Wisdom Series” to it.  Unless you’d prefer plain graphics for all and the title below or to the side?)  This one will have the following links: YouTube videos of the classes (we don’t have any of those yet) and “useful resources” on C.S. Lewis:

How to Get Started Reading C.S. Lewis

Resources on C.S. Lewis, by Andrew Lazo

I don’t really want to link to Christin’s book on Amazon here. If the Lazos want to do a document listing additional resources, I don’t mind having it there.

Light Shines in the Darkness

I have only one document from the Feb 6 class for this (attached). Again, we don’t have the videos of these three classes. The last one is this week. If that is something we will want in future, we just need to set up the best method for Brad to do this each week and post on YouTube and on this page.

Click the PDF HERE

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