Clergy and Staff


The Rev. Edward T. Kelaher

Fr. Ed leads worship, administers sacraments, preaches, teaches, and oversees all aspects of ministry and administration of All Saints Church. He partners with wardens, vestry, and lay leadership to achieve the church’s mission and vision. - Click for full Bio
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The Rev. Dr. William J. (BJ) Buracker II
Associate Rector

In addition to assisting the Rector in leading worship, administering sacraments, preaching, and teaching, Fr. BJ’s area of supervision is over pastoral care, including oversight of the visiting ministry team and the prayer and healing ministries. BJ also administrates the welcoming and greeter ministry and missions and outreach. - Click for full Bio
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The Rev. Matthew Kozlowski
Associate Rector

Fr. Matthew assists the Rector with leading worship, administering sacraments, preaching, and teaching. Along with Gary Wieder, he has been particularly instrumental in the development, implementation, and leadership of the Family Table service. - Click for full Bio
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Gary Wieder
Family Pastor

Gary shepherds All Saints’ families and leads the Family Table worship service. He oversees all Sunday school and youth activities for parishioners in grade 5 through college. Gary regularly disciples individuals and provides pre-marital counseling. He oversees the Family Forum, a Sunday morning Christian education class, and is responsible for the bi-annual all-parish retreat. He also oversees both the Dominican Republic and Pittsburgh Project mission trips. - Click for full Bio
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The Rev. Brit Frazier
Associate Rector

Brit was ordained a deacon on June 8, 2019, in the Diocese of Los Angeles and will join the All Saints staff in the summer of 2019. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College and a Master’s in Divinity degree from Virginia Theological Seminary. Upon her arrival at All Saints, she will assist the Rector with leading worship, preaching, and teaching, with responsibility to oversee the discipleship and Christian education ministries.
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Peter Crisafulli
Minister of Music

David Reeve, FVGEC
Verger (Volunteer)

Kate Huntress-Reeve
Assistant to the Minister of Music (PT)

Family Ministry

Katie Freer

Katie Freer
Children’s Minister

Gary Wieder
Family Pastor

Pastoral Care

Rev. Dr. William J. (BJ) Buracker II
Associate Rector

Liturgy & Formation

Rev. Brit Frazier
Associate Rector

Mission & Outreach

Shireen David
Director of Mission & Outreach

Building & Grounds

Bill Garner
Facilities Manager (PT)


Lois McDonald
Parish Administrator

Rashena Thomas
Human Resources Administrator

Nacole Hillman
Office Manager (PT)

Liz Marr
Receptionist (PT)

Todd Miller
Business Manager


Smythe Kannapell

Valarie Hansen
Finance Assistant (PT)

Ellen Kroger
Parish Accountant (PT)

Barbara Karns
Accounting Assistant (PT)


Teri Ballou
Communications Manager (PT)

Edyta Cousens
Communications Assistant (PT)

Brad Record
Communications Specialist (PT)


John Ballance
IT/AV & Internet Marketing Manager


Lisa Hollingsworth
All Saints Preschool

Sara Tobin
Assistant Director
All Saints Preschool