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Pastoral Resources for the Parish

Virtual Bible Studies and more

Click HERE for how to get online for the Alpha Prayer Course, the Acts of the Apostles Bible Study, Morning and Evening Prayer, and other events.

We encourage the entire Parish to make this a special time of prayer.

Click HERE to see a copy of our weekly Parish Prayer List and the Scriptures for Sunday March 22.

How You can Help

Love Your Neighbor
We continue to urge all parishioners to follow public health guidelines and practice social distancing. Stay home whenever possible! This is truly how you can best love others during this time.

All Saints Food Pantry
For a short time each day, one member of the ministry staff continues to give out blessing bags to our homeless neighbors - particularly helpful now, as other sources of help are not currently available. We are taking all appropriate precautions, and respectfully request that members of the parish NOT stop by the church building during this time, so as to minimize contacts. You may donate items for these bags HERE.

Give Blood
Most public donations drives have been cancelled, BUT the Red Cross and other organizations are running critically short of blood. If you are healthy and feel comfortable donating, please check out the Red Cross website for guidance on how to help.

Help Our Local Mission Partners

Women's Shelter in Rockville.
Emergency Response Fund

Little Lights
Helping students and their families in SouthEast DC.
Little Lights and COVID-19
Give to Little Lights

Central Union Mission

Letter from Bishop Mariann Budde

Please click HERE to read Bishop Budde's letter about the closing due to the Corona virus emergency.

Wednesday, March 11th

Dear Parish Family,

As we all respond to the continuing spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and to the instruction from the Diocese to close for these two weeks, I would like you to know that we put first the safety and health of our staff, parishioners, visitors, and their families. We also support the effort of the Diocese to limit public interaction and transmission of this virus, so as to protect the vulnerable and to give public health authorities the opportunity to "get ahead" of the potential strain on resources.

This directive includes all worship, activities, meetings, and daily staff reporting.

Please note most importantly: This is not a quarantine situation having anything to do with any known infection of any of our people, nor any concern for our building itself. Rather, the Bishops involved in the directive have acted with the intention to take wise protective measures. Of most special concern are any people of age or medical circumstance who may be particularly susceptible to exposure of the COVID-19 virus.

Please remember during this time that we need not have the spirit of fear - we are in the hands of a loving and mighty God, whatever comes our way. We can trust God for His provision, praying for our own uncertainties and fears, as well as for others who may be sick, vulnerable, and fearful. We can also pray for those in positions of leadership, for family and medical professionals treating the ill, and for those seeking treatments and vaccines for this and other diseases. And we can pray for those for whom any change in their situation would cause financial or other hardship.

Blessings on you and your family -

Ed Kelaher, Rector

New To All Saints

Welcome! Whether you are just having a look or are searching for a new place to worship, we are delighted to have you. All Saints is a warm and caring community of families and singles, young and old. We have members from all backgrounds and many nationalities. What binds All Saints together? The good news of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit!

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All Saints Preschool

Summer Camp June 1 - July 31

All Saints Preschool establishes a learning environment for young children (ages 1 -5) that fosters the social and intellectual growth of each child. The school is a ministry of All Saints Church on Chevy Chase Circle, at the border of Maryland and Washington, D.C., and serves the local community.

For more information visit our website...

Preschool Website

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