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Special Services & Sacraments

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Weddings, funerals, confirmation, and baptism are touchpoints in the Christian life.  More importantly, God works powerfully in these services, through His life-changing grace and love. If you are asking about one of these services, God bless you – it means that the Holy Spirit is moving!  We are here to walk with you.  In most cases, we invite you to first become a member of All Saints, so that the community can welcome you and support you in these milestones.


Baptism is a sacrament of Christian initiation. In Baptism, we are united with Christ in his death and resurrection, born into God’s family, and we become a new creation in Christ. Because it is Christ who brings us into this new life, Baptism is forever. Once received, even in infancy, it is not repeated. If you have decided to commit your life to Jesus Christ in Baptism or wish to present a child for the sacrament of Baptism, please contact Father Matthew, to begin the process.

Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation


By confirmation, we express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop. At confirmation, we “confirm” the baptismal vows that were made on our behalf by parents, godparents, and church members. Confirmation is open to all who have been baptized. Like baptism, it cannot be repeated.

Youth Confirmation

Confirmation classes are help periodically during the year. Classes are open to students in 7th – 12th grades who have been baptized. We strongly encourage participants to attend all of the Sunday confirmation classes, which use a greatly condensed curriculum. In conjunction with the class, the following activities are strongly encouraged:

  • regular attendance at Sunday worship services,
  • active membership in at least one church activity, such as choir, CLUB, CREW, Sunday school, serving as an acolyte, or
  • participation in the All Saints Parish Retreat.

Contact: JD Carr, Director of Student Ministries.

Adult Confirmation

Adults seeking confirmation are encouraged to contact Family Pastor Gary Wieder.


If you have been baptized and confirmed in another Christian denomination and you want to make All Saints your permanent home, you may be received into the Episcopal Church.

Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows

Episcopalians may also reaffirm their baptismal vows as an adult gesture of recommitment or after a long absence from Christian worship or practice.

Contact: Gary Wieder, Family Pastor, at 301-654-2488, ext. 232.


The Christian marriage ceremony is a worship service, during which family and friends of the couple seeking to be married witness and bless their union before God, who seals their union. The community of All Saints wishes to support and strengthen marriages; any couple seeking to be married at All Saints should be an active participant in our worship community.

Contact: Lois McDonald, Chief of Staff.


The death of a member of the Church should be reported as soon as possible to the church, and arrangements for the funeral should be made in consultation with the clergy. Please contact Chief of Staff Lois McDonald; the Rector, the Rev. Jamie Pahl; or another member of the clergy, via the office at 301-654-2488.

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