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Student Ministry

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We aim to present the Good News of the Gospel that every student may know how deeply loved they are by Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to move toward the Kingdom, by preaching and living the good news that Jesus gives abundant and everlasting life, living in loving and graceful relationships, and sharing His love with our world.

Please contact JD Carr and Kelsey Carr (ext. 246), for information on Student Ministries at All Saints, including,mid-week small groupsgame nights, and more!

CLUB – Grades 5-7

The middle school years can be tough but are the perfect time to get serious about faith. We help students understand the role God wants to play in their life as they transition into the teen years and develop a firm foundation in the love and truth of the Gospel. 9:30 a.m. Sundays.

CREW – Grades 8-12

High School can be fantastic, but those years can also be stressful with school and other activities; friendships and social pressure; college decisions, etc. Come find answers, healing, and hope! We study God’s Word, hang out, laugh, pray, and talk about what’s on our hearts and minds. 9:30 a.m. Sundays.

Student Summer Camp Retreat

Summer Camp is a great opportunity for students to experience God’s creation and grow in faith and fellowship with each other and students from other nearby churches. At Ligonier Camp’s ( OTE, we start each morning with small group devotions and gather for high energy worship in the evenings, when students hear about the good news of Jesus from a guest speaker. OTE is open to students who have completed 5th through 12th grade.

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Get involved!

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Sunday Mornings with CLUB & CREW

CLUB and CREW meet each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. September – May to catch up on each others’ lives, share prayer requests, and unpack a weekly Bible passage.  We work hard to make all students feel welcome and free to ask questions.

Monthly Events

Join us each month for fun and fellowship – snow tubing, broomball, bonfires, laser tag, and more! Older students also get together one evening each month at someone’s house for CREW Nights.

Small Groups

Students in small groups have fun while forming deep relationships with each other and with God. Questions can be easier to ask in this more comfortable setting. Small groups meet all year.

Service Opportunities & Missions

Serving others is a wonderful calling from God! We show students how meaningful it can be to help others, while having fun and experiencing the joy that God gives us when we do. Locally this summer, students will help our neighbors at the Rockville Women’s Shelter and Central Union Mission, and they tutor younger kids at Little Lights in SE DC. In past years, students had a blast on our mission trips to Pittsburgh and the Dominican Republic.  We can’t wait to go back!

Confirmation Classes

Each year we offer a Confirmation course for students in 7th grade or older who have a desire to make a mature commitment to their faith by choosing to live a life with Jesus. We dive into many different topics of the Gospel and Christian faith and give students an opportunity to think deeply about what they believe.

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