Fall 2020 - All Children’s Ministry programming is virtual at this time - usually via Zoom. We’d love for you to join us! Please contact Children's Minister Katie Freer for Zoom links or to find out more.

Our Mission

Even in a time of physical distancing, the All Saints Children’s Ministry remains committed to partnering with parents to create a loving, safe, and inviting environment for children to know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to assist in the creation of spiritually healthy, connected families through Sunday morning and other programs for children and their families during the year.

We look forward to the time when we will all be together again and can join in our fun activities and events in person!

  • Our PreK-2nd grade group uses the Jesus Storybook Bible, a critically acclaimed children's Bible and curriculum.
  • Our 3rd-4th grade group uses a full-text Kid's Life Application Bible, allowing students to engage the fullness of Scripture in an age-appropriate context.
Other programming is provided in the Sunday worship email, including a taped Family Table Service and Children’s Sermon, and by occasional targeted emails to Children’s Ministry families.

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All Saints Preschool (ASP) is a ministry of the church, serving children of all faiths and backgrounds from ages 1 – Pre-Kindergarten. The Preschool is currently open for in-person learning. We would love to serve you and your family! Please click HERE to go to the ASP website for more information.
Weekly Themes – Fall 2020

September 13th
Where Is God In The Everyday?
Children’s Bible: The Beginning

September 20th
What To Do When You Make A Mistake?
Children’s Bible: The Terrible Lie

September 27th
What To Do When You Doubt God?
Children’s Bible: A New Beginning (Noah)

October 4th
The Power Of Prayer
Children’s Bible: Son of Laughter (Isaac)

October 11th
How To Face Challenges With Courage
Children’s Bible: Forgiving Prince (Joseph)

October 18th
Finding Hope In Every Circumstance
Children’s Bible: God to the Rescue (Moses)

October 25th
Does God Still Do Miracles?
Children’s Bible: God Makes a Way (Red Sea)

November 1st
Why Does God Give Us Rules?
Children’s Bible: Ten Ways to Be Perfect (10 Commandments)

November 8th
The Power Of Forgiveness… What Does Forgiveness Even Mean?
Children’s Bible: Teeny Weenie True King (David)

November 15th
Why Should I Trust God?
Children’s Bible: The Young Hero & Horrible Giant (David & Goliath)

November 22nd
Why Is It So Hard To Accept Grace?
Children’s Bible: The Good Shepherd (Psalm 23)

November 29th
How Gratitude Changes Your Heart & Mind
Children’s Bible: Thanksgiving Lesson

Stay Tuned!