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A Prayer for Softened Hearts

Church entrance with landscaping and a welcoming door
Date:  May 28, 2021
 Lord, please soften our hearts, 
 we earnestly pray. We do not want
 them shielded or encapsulated, for then
 we will not be able to see Your gentle face
 in those we meet sidling down the street,
 sitting slumped on the bus, sleeping under
 a bridge, or begging for a morsel of food
 in the subway station.  How could we 
 serve You with hardened hearts, Lord?
    How could we feel the sorrow of the 
 woman sidling down the street in grief,
 the exhaustion of the man sitting slumped on
 the bus, the shivering of the man sleeping
 under the bridge, the hunger pangs of the
 woman in the subway station who has not
 eaten in two days? How could we love You
 well and truly with hardened hearts, Lord?
    When the hearts of the people are softened,
 the grieving will be comforted, the weary
 will be strengthened, the hungry will be fed
 and the soul-battered will be soothed. 
    We offer our hearts to You Lord; please
 soften them as You see fit.  For it is only
 when we share in Your compassion
 and feel with those who are suffering 
 that we will be able to join joyfully
 and fully in Your service to others. 

Copyright © by Peggy Eastman, 2021

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