A Light to the World

Date: November 23, 2021

Lord, You have chosen us for Your very own.
You, whose birth announcement was the
brightest star that ever shone, always desire
that radiance for us, Your beloved children.
Please, Lord, help us to claim the light.
Light is life, we know from Deuteronomy;
therefore we choose light. We are a light
to the world, we know from Your apostle
Matthew; therefore we long to shine our light
into the darkest crevices of this hurting world.
We desire only to be lit candles of Your love.
Please, Lord, help us to claim the light.
Though we long for the light, You know well
that sometimes we do not feel like Your beloved;
shadows lengthen under our feet and the darkness
of a perilous world threatens to entrap us. Even so,
Lord, envelop us with the gift of Your radiance
so it may keep our candle-flames brightly lit
and chase the encroaching darkness away.
Help us to emulate the wondering shepherds
who drew near Your manger-crib, faces lit
with joy at the quiet miracle of Your birth.
Fill us with rejoicing at the gift of Your love.
Please, Lord, help us to claim the light.
Into our world send others who seek the light,
we pray, and bless us with time in holy places
where we can sense the presence of the sacred.
Please, Lord, help us to claim the light in this
blessed season of light, so that we may know
the joy of being Your beloved all our lives.

Copyright © by Peggy Eastman, 2019

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