Earth on Fire

By Peggy EastmanMay 28, 2021

”I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled.”

Luke 12:49
 Come, Holy Spirit, and cast your fire upon the earth.
 No fire of destruction is this; yours is a fire of love,
 brought, bought and paid for by the death and 
 resurrection of our Lord.
    Holy Spirit, kindle fire in our hearts to spread
 your love, even as a fire spreads quickly through
 timber in a dry wood.
    Holy Spirit, let our burning hearts light our way
 to those who desperately need Christ’s love, 
 even as a fire lights up everything in its path.
    Holy Spirit, give us tongues of flame to proclaim
 the greatness of our Savior, even as you sent
 tongues of flame to the disciples on Pentecost.
 Just as you freed their tongues to speak out to 
 those who spoke other languages, so let us 
 reach out to those who are different in appearance,
 culture and customs – spreading the Good News
 wherever we go.  
    Holy Spirit, just as a fire consumes all in its way,
 so let our burning hearts consume all that is not
 of you: fear, greed, oppression, anger, jealousy,
 exploitation, violence, hatred, manipulation, envy,
 guilt, resentment, impatience, revenge.
 One more thing is needed: take from us all
 tepidness that could reduce our burning hearts
 to impotent smoldering embers.
    Holy Spirit, just as the disciples felt a rushing 
 wind from heaven on Pentecost that filled them
 with your burning love, so let us be filled with
 the divine rush of your burning love today.
 Energize us, empower us, light us on fire,
 we earnestly pray.   

Copyright © by Peggy Eastman, 2021

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